Essential Physics (2nd ed.)
Print Book, DVD, on-line e-Book

(ISBN: 978-1-937827-10-6)

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$ 55.00

The Essential Physics hardcover print book contains 870 pages in full color and is page for page identical to the e-Book.

Essential Physics is a truly interactive e-Book, with hundreds of animations, videos, and simulations.  The book represents a revolutionary way to explore and learn through interactive mathematical equations, thousands of solved problems, and an automated self-assessment system containing answers, hints, and full solutions. This is an e-Book you can read and listen to using any device — PC, Mac, tablet — anytime, anywhere.

You will receive:
  • A hardcover textbook.
  • An access code via e-mail that gives you full access to the e-Book online.
  • A DVD containing the complete e-Book

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